“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descendants of immigrants and revolutionists.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt

Today we celebrate freedom!  We Americans treasure our freedoms and pride ourselves on being fiercely independent.  The great American Dream of rags to riches, of picking ourselves up by our bootstraps, and making a life for ourselves is an aspiration that every immigrant who has been welcomed by Lady Liberty at our eastern shore has carried in their hearts. We pride ourselves as a melting pot, melding our native cultures with our new home, making America that much richer and complex with diversity.  Today my wife and I will take a walk through Doheny StatePark where the rich aromas of cooking food will mix with the musical voices of Farsi, Spanish, Korean, English, Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese and many more ethnic tongues.  Jesus always loved a party and I can only imagine the joy he would have winding through Doheny and breaking bread with his kids.  God bless this big, evolving, often messy and complex dream that we call America.

by Andrew