I was only eight years old. My Mom was shopping in our local “Mom and Pop” grocery store. I was cruising the cereal isle when I spied them, three-D  picture squares on Cheerios boxes. Without thinking, I ripped off four and stuffed them into my pockets. As we checked out, the store owner came over, looked me in the eyes and said, “Some children have been stealing the pictures off the Cheerio boxes. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?” I looked him right back in the eyes and said, “No!” That night kneeling on the floor by my bed, with my Mom, saying my nightly prayers, I confessed. The next morning we drove back to the store. My Mom instructed me to go in and give them back. “By my self?” I squeaked. She nodded, and I walked in alone. I grew up a little that day. I learned the Lord purifies through prayer and that I face the consequences for my transgressions alone. As I lifted my prizes up to the store owner, he said,”Thank you.” Relieved, my heart sang with joy!

by Gracie