There is a prayer I found several years ago on my many field trips to bookstores, thrift stores, bead shops and garage sales.  Once I happened upon it, it caught my eye and drew me in.  It is written in white lettering on a piece of artwork; A calm blue tinted river or lake, surrounded by green grasses and trees lit by the auburn sun. There is a wooden path that leads to the water’s edge and a person standing, as if waiting for someone, with a longing heart:

“May I always behold your beauty.

May I always hear your voice.

May I find your handprint on all that is whole and good.

May the beauty of the earth speak to me of you.

May I live to bring the teachings of peace, family, and connectedness to all people.

May your heart beat in my chest.

May your voice speak through my lips.

This is my constant prayer.”

I saw this. It spoke to me. I had to purchase it. God’s great sacred presence.

by Liz