My friend’s mom, Eileen, is ninety-two years old and lives in an assisted living residence. She told her daughter a few weeks ago that she felt like she still had a purpose for God to use her.  Days later Eileen heard that a woman had just moved into the residence and she said she felt the Holy Spirit saying to her “go and welcome her”. So she went down to the new resident Mary’s room, introduced herself, and the two spent precious hours sharing pictures and stories about their lives and children. Two weeks later, Mary died unexpectedly. When her husband and son came to collect her belongings, they mentioned to the staff that Mary was reluctant to come to the residence but they said she told them after meeting her new friend Eileen and being welcomed by her, everything was going to be okay. It makes you think that if Eileen, at ninety-two years old, is still searching for God’s purpose in her life, what in the world are we waiting for?

by Cathy