There are times in life we all must sacrifice. Often our sacrifices are perplexing. Why me, why now, how can I cope? However, if we live in grace, then at some point, sacrifice will be demanded. If we fail to meet the demand, we succumb. If we make the sacrifice, then more will be demanded. Sometimes we make the sacrifice and it produces bad fruit. We take it hard when our sacrifice is marginalized. That’s why it’s uncanny to think of sacrifice as a gift from God. But it is. The greatest gift God bestowed to his only Son was death on the cross–the ultimate sacrifice. Through the cross, sin was forgiven. Everyday, in every town, in every parish, sacrifices are being made right in front of our eyes. If you are making that sacrifice in your life right now, thank God for you’ve been blessed. Stay strong because your impact will be felt in heaven.

by Diego