There’s good and bad in life, we all know that. We also know there’s temptation, greed and evil thoughts that penetrate our daily existence. We cling to our values and morals but often our world leads us into confusing corners, rough roundabouts and dead ends. We stumble, crash into walls of remorse and ill-repute. But our omnipresent God is in all of these scenarios. There to help us through, forgive us and lead us back to the road less traveled.  Thankfully there are  also the good times. Times we see clearly, feel deeply, and love unconditionally. God is here whether we are good or bad, right or wrong, worthy or not. God is everywhere, in every place and every minute of the day. Even at the precipice of that miserable dead end were no one is there to help. Everywhere, every minute, every day, every funeral, wedding, drug addiction, death on the freeway, life in the womb.  There and here, now and then, carrying us along, Amen.

by Diego