Yesterday was my daughter’s twenty-second birthday. She is in her last semester of college and will graduate in May. As a Mom, I am completely out of her top sphere of influence, my leadership reduced to offering my opinions and suggestions for her  consideration. I have advised her to make decisions from a place of integrity and not fear, to ask God to guide her in all things. I also pray that her future will be God guided and directed, and that He will protect her always, especially from her own lack of experience. It’s a big step, walking into the future without a holy compass, and a lot smaller one. I know that God is present for us whether we reach out for the hem of His garment or not. If we do, His love for us lightens our burdens and fills us with hope for our future. When the Lord is our guiding light, we are in the holy hands of eternal wisdom and love. Enjoy: “Lead Me Lord” by Gary Valenciano.

by Gracie