A few artists in my eclectic music repertoire these days are Bruno Mars, Carrie Underwood, Dr. Dre, Aretha Franklin, SoundCloud’s Carmack, Nichole Nordeman, Beyonce, and Bob Marley. Lately, each time I am in the car or at home and my music is on, I turn the volume up -WAY loud– kind of like when I would let my teenager control the music dial. The bass rumbles through my body like a jet plane overhead. The treble rings like a well-tuned piano. The voice harmonies pierce my soul and give me golden goose bumps.  The words seep into my essence as I listen intentionally to each word sung.  I welcome the universal language of music each time I turn up the volume, God’s universal language of the heart and soul. God sings to me in my music and I love His voice that is loud and clear!  

by Liz