There is something sacred and fearful about stillness. The quiet used to scare me and I would fill that void with having to be with someone, talking, doing something or just plain not being alone.  Stillness meant being alone with myself.  Wow!  I am not very interesting, I thought, when I first had to sit with myself. Then God took over. I kept feeling Him in my thoughts. I heard some things within myself that became clearer to me.  Stillness was the balance I was seeking, turning away from.  I experienced the paradox of life, again, running towards what I felt I was missing when what I was missing was right there in front of me (or within me). Stillness is something I welcome now, the quiet thoughts and stream of consciousness that run wild every day; to just be. Stillness is prayer.  Stillness is God within.  Stillness is healing.  Stillness is peace.

 by Liz