My daughter flew home for a week after studying abroad for a month in Ireland. Every time she comes home from college, we love to go to Disneyland. We traditionally start out at Peete’s for a cup of coffee and off to Disneyland we go. We are die-hards! Back in the day, I used to tour guide in “the Park” and so special memories are invoked for me. It feels as if we become more in synch with each other at Disneyland  than we do at home following our independent agendas. We both cherish the time together and our intention is just to hang out and have fun, sharing one land to the next, one ride after another. I can’t help but think God must also cherish those moments when we walk along-side Him, live in His love, and dwell in His joy and will for us. Being at Disneyland with my daughter is an adventure. Being in synch with the Lord is also an adventure and invokes that blessed feeling of being cherished.

by Gracie