This weekend I attended the Religious Education Congress held at the Anaheim Convention Center. Forty thousand people from around the world gather there yearly in our collective need for more faith formation. When I got away from the overwhelming crowds, I found myself repeating an oft-heard youth ministry chant “God is good. . .all the time!” Even Bishop Robert Barron said it at the beginning of his talk to a thousand people in the arena. He then pleaded with all of us to help our young people, who are bleeding out of the church at an alarming ratio these days, to teach them how to look for God. He said we should “argue them back into the church” using science, reason, and their innate longing for God. Many centuries ago, St. Augustine said the same thing, using the four transcendental properties for God: the Beautiful, the True, the One and the Good. What a great challenge! But it’s going to require whole communities to do this, not just clergy and lay church staff. Are you willing to help?

by DC