I almost didn’t write today, I was feeling so dry, empty, frayed inside. I was also feeling guilty because I have had a wonderful, monumental birthday celebration, a week with my daughter, Disneyland, and a loving, romantic Valentine’s Day. So what’s my problem, lack of gratitude? Wrong question!  I am deeply grateful to the Lord for showing up through my beloved friends and family. I then asked myself, “Where is the Lord in this dry place inside?” Right question! He showed up in the cracks, the inner chaos, in the prayers I prayed for others. His constancy overwhelmed me. My daughter and I have a saying, if either one of us says to the other, “I love you.” The other one responds with, “I love you more.” I believe God responds to us every time we reach out to Him when we are lost, in need or in gratitude with, “ I love you more!”I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.”Jeremiah 31:3

by Gracie