I have just spent two days praying nonstop in a big hospital. The occasion was a happy one – my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Throughout the pregnancy, my most ardent desire was to be present when he was born. Thankfully, circumstances aligned and I got my wish. As I waited, my prayer was to simply hold the space and be a conduit of love, a living beacon of God’s light in the midst of the waiting and pain that accompanies childbirth. In the wee hours of the dark, tucked away in obstetrics, I meditated on all the healing stories I know. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with a sense of God’s attentiveness and desire to be with us in our suffering; to heal us, if not always physically, then spiritually. Every moment of every day, the healing goes on, hiding in plain sight, streaming from the many gifted men and women called to these professions. Gratitude abounds today for them, for our new baby, and for this intimate moment.

by DC