In this Advent season, I watch, wait, for the coming of a new Peace. Emanuel. God with us. He will surely come. I know that he has come. Still, lately, the world seems to have descended into more than the usual amount of cruelty and chaos. But, peace is all around us, and I found it again, at one of my favorite places. A couple of times a month I bring my guitar and lead a sing-a-long at an assisted living complex in Costa Mesa. All of the residents are living with symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Today is a special day for my friends. A fresh, fragrant, unadorned Christmas tree occupies a corner of their large living room. They are excited and happy to see me. I strap on my guitar and begin… “Silver Bells”… (they echo). “Silver Bells”… and on and on… “Feliz Navidad”… “Feliz Navidad.” Infectious joy!  Ripe with Love!  They do not know that they have gifted me with a most precious peace. Or maybe they do!

by Nathaniel