Today is the Feast Day of a beloved Catholic saint, St. Anthony of Padua.

Most people know him as the “saint that helps me find things” and many call out to him in these or similar words:

St. Anthony, St. Anthony, if you’re around,
Something is lost and can’t be found…


How ironic. Whenever heretics would dismiss Anthony, he would “get lost” and go preach to the fishes–not for the fishes’ sake, but to have an outlet for the Spirit to pour out of him. Today, ask for St. Anthony’s intercession–not because you lost your keys or wallet–but for the Spirit to pour out of you as well. Seek a coastline, a lake, your backyard fountain, a pool… and pray in a way as if God and the angels were right there in front of you.

By Kevin
Image courtesy of  Chris/GreenLightningBolt