“…rejoice, O hearts that seek the LORD! Look to the LORD in his strength; seek to serve him constantly.” Psalm 105

When my husband left after 30 years of marriage and I completed the process of forgiving him, I rejoiced! And then realized, I had a big hole to fill where all the shame, despair, resentment, and heart ache had lived. I also knew I had the freedom to do with that space whatever I desire because  of the gift of free will. I was left with a hole inside of me that  loomed gigantic and overwhelming. I sensed that it could fill up with my daily musings, (scary!). Even worse, the stuff I’d worked so hard to expel through forgiveness might come roaring back in. So I decided to purposefully choose what would fill that empty space,  fillling my being with Christ’s love, wisdom, courage, and compassion. Essentially, I put my freedom into action and with intent, over a period of time, through prayer, reflection, and reading the Word, the space was up. The result of exercising my freedom was joy, hope, and peace!

by Gracie