Today’s Advent challenge, to allow God to forgive me rather than carrying the burden of past guilt, is often easier said than done. During this pre-Christmas time, it is easier to be distracted by to-do lists and frivolous acts that somehow top the priority list. Yet, I have choices every day about what things go on that list, from when to open my laptop, what to wear for the day, when to check Facebook, or what to eat for breakfast. But what about my spiritual needs? How can I love and forgive others if I have not loved myself enough to let go of past hurt? As the “most wonderful time of the year” approaches, I will adjust my focus and carefully check my lists. I will set aside time for the needed tasks, but I also will prioritize the people who enter into my life each day, letting forgiveness top that list. I want this Advent to be intentional and grounded in God’s peace not only for others but also for myself.

by Liz