Sharing food with family is like a sacramental experience for me. We rarely have the pleasure of seeing my nephew, my sister’s son. For the last ten years, he has been living and working in Bangkok, Thailand.  He recently married a beautiful young woman called Ae (pronounced “A”). My nephew is called Josh (pronounced “Josh”). Happily, the young couple is taking an extended tour of California.  They came to stay at our home for a few days. The first evening I prepared an Indian feast. The food was tasty, not fantastic. But, we had a wonderful time visiting and just being together as a family. My mom is delighted to have Ae as her new granddaughter. The next day, Ae announced she would make dinner. She is, in addition to being a fashion designer, a masterful cook. That night she prepared the best meal I have ever eaten: Tom Yan, a rich spicy soup with coconut milk and three kinds of mushrooms, Pat Pong curry with lime leaves, jasmine rice, and a surprising avocado salad! Welcome to our family, Ae. Blessings. What’s for breakfast?

by Nathaniel