As a child, I loved to dig holes, play in the mud, draw vivid war scenes with crayons and nail stray pieces of wood together to create boats or guns. In 1978, I graduated with a BS in Art with a ceramics emphasis.  My peers would scorn me saying I was getting a degree in “underwater basket weaving”, to which I would reply, “try it sometime.” Everyone who has ever taken a ceramics or art class say they loved it, but ask them to draw a picture most will say, “Oh! I can’t draw!” To me. every human creation, from a Monet to a child’s scrawl, is just so much finger painting compared to God’s awesome creation.  Go to any art store to find treasures of water colors, rainbows of felt pens, tie-dye t-shirt supplies, linoleum block print starter kits and more. When we care less about the results than the process and tell the arts committee in our head to take a hike, we can emulate the Great Creator in our mud play and scribbling.

by Andrew