My late in-laws retired to the Jersey Shore. When my children were small we’d pack the car up Friday and head there to spend the weekend. My father-in-law was a chef and it was fine dining at every meal. He had a commercial grill outside would cook anything from eggs in the morning to lobster at night. My sisters-in-law and mother-in-law did all the rest, but somehow they rarely finished their prep at the same time he finished cooking. “Pop” would sit at the head of the table and say “Can’t we all just sit down together and eat!?” That’s become a joke whenever we are eating a family meal. From a different perspective, I think how we are called to the table every week at Sunday Mass and given the opportunity to have a “family” meal as Jesus did with his disciples…and there we are all together at the same time, in the miracle of the Eucharist!

by JAM