The heat has returned in predictable manner
because school has resumed and it is fall in California.
Longing for the blessed ocean breeze,
searching for a Midwestern sign that the Earth is about to rotate her axis,
I watch the passersby in beach attire trying to stay cool in this tropical heat wave
restless and yearning to sink into the comfortof my soft, fleecy sweatshirt again.
How easily I waste time wishing I was somewhere else
enjoying the perfect weather to match my mood!
To stay grounded in the sweat – now that’s the trick of being present.
To really know this moment is all its fullness. . . all I need. . .all I should desire. . .
The autumn equinox will happen regardless of my foolish human whims.
I am simply  invited to enter life,
 unrelenting sun, raging storm, cloudy overcast or endless blue sky;
to embrace the gift of time
midst the leaves that fall silently to the hot September ground.