This past year has undeniably been the most politically turbulent one that I have witnessed for many years. The Civil Rights movement and the anti-war rallies of the sixties are the only other major storms that I can recall. I can get caught up in this tempest of sound bites regarding immigration, DACA, tax reform, entitlement programs, racism….ad infinitum!  Jesus had such a good way of boiling complex issues down into perfect sound bites.  But hey, He is God! What do you expect?  Me, I’m going to keep my eye on the gospel message and try to see things from both sides.  The prophetic roarings and those of the status quo, when brought down to “inside voices” can come to a new way of being, a third way. I resolve to keep my heart, mind and soul open to those whose opinions I do not share, looking for common ground on which we can all live lovingly together.

by Andrew