This week has been about singing Gustav Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony with Pacific Symphony. The work is a tour-de-force engaging two hundred fifty musicians, including singers and orchestral players. The music sublime, the last movement in which the chorus sings, depicts the heavens opening up as a soul ascends. The music swells in a crashing crescendo of power and joy. Now that may not sound like “holy leisure” to you and there is certainly nothing serene about it! However, as a performer, the exhilaration from singing at the top of your lungs on sustained notes, creating achingly beautiful chords over the orchestra as it explodes in the fireworks of the finale, does create a place of deep reverence in the soul. It begs the question, what if every soul is embraced into heaven on a fanfare of welcoming power and joy and celebration? I am humbled by the thought. Please enjoy the last four minutes of Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony with conductor Leonard Bernstein.

by Gracie