We have been working on “downsizing”. It is a process, a journey of letting go.  Twenty years of family life in our old house left us with a lot of stuff. The best stuff, the love and laughter, meals cooked together in a warm kitchen, struggles and triumphs of daily life, the bond of being “us” together in one place, we keep forever in our hearts and memory. But, some of the other stuff, material possessions, just had to go.  Hundreds of books went to the library bookstore. Mountains of clothes, toys, ancient electronic devices and obsolete video games we trucked to the Salvation Army. Mostly it has been satisfying. Henceforth we will live an uncluttered life in our new smaller abode!  But, sometimes old things return. My daughter and her boyfriend gifted me with a used Newmark turntable. Great. More stuff. I didn’t want any hurt feelings. I set it up. When I touched the stylus to the spinning disc, a warm majestic sound poured out!  The sound of love.

by Nathaniel