Two things in life I have learned are constant: change in circumstances and constancy of God’s Love. Sometimes life changes are a result of something unwanted; someone dear to us is taken away either by death, divorce, or change in living circumstances.The aftermath can be emotionally devastating. It is in those times that I embrace God’s love deeply. Our God is a God of delightful surprises. I try to find the silver lining in the midst of the clouds. For me, clouds represent majesty, mystery, and mercy. Silver linings remind me that while this earthly experience is happening on one level, something beautiful and eternal is going on in another. When I turn to God for salvation and resurrection, my soul is enlightened by God’s grace. Some life changes bring us happiness and joy, like weddings, a newborn baby, or perhaps new job opportunities. The God experience is one of something new, a surprise, a mystery experienced as a renaissance or a reawakening in the soul of the abundant grace of God. Today, embrace the change. Be open to God’s delightful surprises!

by Gracie