My wife and I made our annual pilgrimage to the Orange County Fair last Wednesday afternoon.  The snail-like pace and winding line into the parking lot reminded me of the most dangerous place in Dana Point which is undoubtedly the St. Edward parking lot after the 9 o’clock mass. When we finally found the cherished slot, we once again got to mill amidst the greatest cross section of humanity that you can find anywhere on the planet.  The blend of music, ride inspired screams and a Pentecost of tongues rose with the incense of ribs, sausage, and burgers into the warm summer sky.  Jesus loved people and Jesus loved parties. I imagine Him walking among us at the fair, devouring a sugary churro and laughing with His friends. I have come to love God’s people too and, in imitation of Christ, choose to embrace all the languages and ways that we, the people of God, come together to eat, play and love.

by Andrew