Wednesday, November first. All-Saints Day.  My work day is light; public middle schools are closed. Not for religious reasons. Maybe to circumvent the after-effects of massive Halloween candy corn consumption by students. Mid-afternoon I take an unhurried drive to San Clemente. The western sky is dressed in a blanket of soft stratocumulus clouds. A beautiful day the that the Lord has made! When I arrive at my destination, I have messages. My next two students have canceled. I go to nearby Pines Park, on the cliffs above Capo Beach to meditate. My kids loved playing here when they were little. It hasn’t changed much–lush grass, stately pines, walking paths bustling with happy moms and dads and toddlers. The harbor view is stunning an hour before sunset. It is the golden hour. I have time to visit Our Lady of Fatima Church. I say my prayers and admire the Dia De Los Muertos altar, all lit up with fire-colored marigolds. My final student cancels. World Series. I find the ball game on my radio. Blessings!

by Nathaniel