“I shall do your will; do not ever abandon me wholly.”Psalms, 119:8

In the song “Don’t Go Away” by ERA the Latin text chanted by male voices says “Oh Domine Deus” (oh Lord God) “Pater Omnipotens”  (Omnipotent Father) and is set against a hauntingly beautiful female voice who sings, “Don’t Go Away.” It reminds me of how fragile we human beings are in our faith. Christ asked, in the Garden of Gethsemane for Peter, John, and James to stay awake with him while he prayed. They fell asleep. How many times have I fallen asleep, turned a deaf ear, lost in my own anxiety, and missed God’s mercy and love and compassion, only to awake and wonder where God has gone?? Isn’t that the way we human beings are? Always afraid God will abandon us, when God is ever- faithful! It is we who create the static that keeps divine guidance, and therefore our most perfect destinym at bay. Oh we of little faith!


by Gracie