Monday was a big day on our planet. Literally, millions of people drove untold miles to view the total eclipse of the sun. The growing excitement was contagious! After the anticipation and waiting were finally over, I was fascinated not only with the phenomena itself (I watched it mainly on television since I live in Southern California) but also with the reactions of those who said it was a spiritual experience. There were tears, expressions of wonder, awe, beauty, and humility. Perhaps since we live in such tumultuous times, this event made people feel the joy of being alive and primally connected under the same sky. For a brief few moments, everyone was united in the happy surprise that such a cosmic event brings into the mundane. Vatican astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno, said it was a “divine coincidence” of science, a time when everyone experienced the glory of God’s creation first hand, making us feel both small and infinitely blessed. Afterward, on just another ordinary day in August, I prayed that this memory of unity could linger on forever.

by DC