If anyone in the world is at St, Edward the Confessor these next few weeks, they could get in a car and take an arduous trip east and visit the desert. It’s God’s canvas this time of year. There is something out there that is artistic, emotionally moving and spiritual. All the wildflowers are beginning to open up, a little like us during Lent; like a deep spiritual flower growing up inside of us. The flowers have different colors and stature. They have names like Purple Sage, Canterbury Bells and Phacelia. We have names too, like Christians, Muslims and Jews. We too have different colors and stature. When we open up, we make room for God to enter in and use us as a canvas to create beauty and peace on earth. That Lenten feeling blossoms from deep inside of us, gently pushing at our edges, to open us up. Let the differences in the world make us better, open and more loving people. It’s what we must become in order to blossom in heaven.

by Diego