This past Sunday was Father’s Day. For many of us dads the day is difficult to get through. We strive to be the perfect father. Most of us fail. We never live up to the responsibilities. So when a day comes along to honor us, we feel unworthy. We enjoy Mother’s Day because we can take charge. In Richard Rohr’s book, “Falling Upward,” he discusses a concept he calls “deep time.” There is no definition of this term but it seems to carry a message us Dads should consider. As fathers, we have only one responsibility and that’s to love our family. This is a responsibility we can actually accomplish. If we can find our way into a deep time with the ones entrusted to us, we can find peace. When we find peace, we become worthy. When men are in the arena of work, we often approach it with a competitive, winner-take-all attitude. In family life, it’s different because a Father must give his family deep time, not prime time.

by Diego