“Why are you crying Grandma?” The little ones asked me when they see my eyes well up just looking at them. “I’m crying because I’m happy!” I exclaim, dabbing at the drops.  Big eyes stare at me in wonderment. How can they, the source of the enjoyment, possibly understand tears at a time like this?  A heart clenching, in the throat, inexplicable moment of sheer delight? On the third day of Christmas,  I awake again at dawn and watch the sun rise in a resplendent display of pink and gold.  While there are many reasons to feel otherwise, joy continually erupts out of nowhere and causes what I like to call a “holy interruption”  in my life. A ripple effect then occurs.  Out of the moment of joy comes the gratitude and pleasure in being able to feel and receive such a gift and so on it goes. Mysterious though it may seem at times, I have come to know this phenomenon simply as the Spirit of our incarnated God dwelling at the heart of all creation.  The smallest among us possess and embrace this naturally and find enchantment everywhere.  Attached is one of my favorite pictures this year of my grandson, Vaughn, age 2 and a half, gazing at the Christmas tree. Joy personified! As we grow older and experience the pain of life, melancholy sets in and makes us guarded.  Some of us actually lose the capacity for spontaneous joy and then try to recreate it through addictive habits that never deliver what we desire most.  Christmas is a time to re-connect with the simplest joys and allow the Spirit to slip quietly back into forgotten memories and  bring down carefully guarded fences.  On this second day of Christmas, in the Spirit of all that is holy and good, I will laugh and I will cry. Most of all, I vow to allow the holy interruption of joy to break into my life as often as possible.

Creator Spirit, stir my heart to recognize and allow joy to find me in even the most ordinary moments of my life.