Pope Francis said, “We need to be a culture of encounter, not one of conflict.” One of the singers in my choir is allergic to hairspray. She found mine offensive. My first thought was,”So it’s your problem. Take an antihistamine.” Asking God for clarity, I remembered that I also have allergies and I get really uncomfortable when confronted by the allergens in the environment. I stopped wearing hairspray fearfully because my hair tends to have a mind of its own. Still, this woman avoided looking and speaking to me. I went back to the Lord in prayer. “How can I be a healing presence in this awkward situation, Lord?” “Find something that has changed for the good since you have stopped wearing hairspray and share it with her.” So, in trepidation, I reached out and thanked her for speaking up about her allergy. I shared, that since stopping using hairspray, my hair is less stiff and feels softer. With a shocked expression on her face, she reached over and embraced me. Whenever we listen to another person we learn something new about God.

by Gracie