Although it is difficult at times, I try to cultivate and teach those around me to start every day in thanksgiving. It’s like gently planting a seedling and hoping it will take hold and grow. Say grace before you partake and express gratitude frequently for the little things in life–for wiggly puppy companions,  parking spaces in a crowded lot,  meaningful work, babies sleeping through the night, listening friends who really care, moments of wondrous beauty, family who know you by heart. But most of all, since Eucharist means “thanksgiving,”  think of the mass as the ultimate gourmet thanksgiving dinner. We come eagerly to the table famished, fill up in a fleeting moment, go out to the world and come back, hungry to eat and drink of the Light again and again. Remembering gratitude for life, embracing every moment is simply another chance to plant one more sign of hope for a world in need.

by DC