There’s a story about a fictional country in Central America where politics, greed and civil war has erupted into the streets of the local town. The title of the story is “A Flag For Sunrise”.  The flag is a powerful symbol of a choice the indigenous people have to make. Their decision will put them on one side or the other and as war rages on they wait for the morning to see if their flag will be flying. There is a poignant correlation between these homegrown people and us Christians.  Except we have the Cross in front of us all the time, at sunrise and sunset, year in and year out. We have no worries as to who will be in power the next day or the next day after that. We have A Cross for Eternity. There are no questions, no fears no praying for one side or the other. There is just faith, forgiveness and love.  Let the world around us find its place in history. Our Cross has saved us. Our time is of eternity.

by Diego