Let all the earth cry out to God with joy. Psalm 100

Despite the fact that Mary was a mother and must have had many moments of sheer joy with her child, there are very few paintings or statues of her laughing or even looking a little bit happy. More associated with her seven sorrows, rarely do we think of her as the “Cause of Our Joy” (another title from the Litany of Loreto).  So an attitude adjustment may be long overdue! Thinking about my own experiences as a mother of three daughters, I present the possible seven joys of Mary to balance out the seven sorrows: 1-birth of her child; 2-first smile and first laugh; 3-first word; 4-first step; 5-first bouquet of flowers picked just for her from the backyard; 6-first love note; 7-first long talk about God and life.  I find it most  interesting that the fleeting moments of a child’s life can stir the heart to such deep places of inner joy that, no matter what happens later, can never be erased or destroyed. Perhaps Mary’s pondering included these times that made her laugh out loud with glee. I like to think so anyway.