There are all kinds of borders in our lives. There are physical borders, mental borders and boarders of someone else’s construction. Each of us are challenged at that proverbial fork in the road, at the threshold not yet crossed, at the border of our fear, closed for repair. The decisions we make at these mileposts are measured by the actions we take. It is us who decide right from wrong, compassion from oppression. We all stand at some protected border crossing waiting to get to the other side. There is one side on which we serve and another side where we demand to be served. Which side we cross over will determine how our lives are shaped. “Two feet of love in action” is a rally call from the bishops to give us a simple guide to follow at our protected border. It is a call to make the right decision in a spirit of service and gratitude. It is a call we can live by, side by side with our neighbors and beyond our borders.

by Diego