A few years ago, a close British friend of mine came to visit me here in California.  During our first meal together in the States, she thought many things were hilarious:  free refills on beverages, American accents, but especially how often we say, “Thank you!” for EVERYTHING. When she brought this up, I began thinking about it.  We Americans say thanks to so many little actions throughout a normal day.  However, I realized how often my “thank yous” were merely lip service.  I even started recalling how many times my words of thanks were said with a hardened heart, perhaps because I didn’t receive exactly in the manner I was expecting. I want to mean what I say.  I want to look at the person who is journeying with me in some way, big or small and acknowledge it completely.  I need to put my heart into these words because I know they have the power to transform my life and the lives of others.

by Laura