Is there any cure for spiritual blindness? There seems to be a lot of it lurking around these days. The story of the Man Born Blind in John’s gospel, proclaimed today all over the world, has some answers for us. Through what could be called “the miracle of the mud,” Jesus grants sight to an astounded stranger. Ironically, some others become even more blind, refusing to believe Jesus can heal. Today, people preparing to receive the Easter sacraments (RCIA) experience the Second Rite of Scrutiny after this gospel is read. As prayers for enlightenment are proclaimed and hands are laid on them,  my heart cries out that I, too, can  simply “be a light” in this shadowy world of self-absorption and confusion.  In truth, I need my own blindness healed. I cannot be strong, be open, or be loving unless I submit to the healing touch of Jesus on the eyes of my own soul. Time for on my knees humility–again.

by DC