There are times in life, especially during Lent, when we feel unworthy. We struggle with sacrifices we’re asked to make, to give more of ourselves, to love without care of consequence.  God’s Lenten question asks us if we could give more than we feel capable of giving. But the gifts of hospitality, mercy and service often elude us. We lack the courage to change our lives. If only the Good Samaritan’s act of generosity could change our heart; to help us feel a new spirituality. Sometimes it takes baby steps to change a life. We read a passage in the bible, bake some bread, reach out to a neighbor or let down our defenses. We call a friend and ask for forgiveness. We listen to God’s gentile prodding, to love more deeply, to give generously and to live gratefully. If it’s a baby step today then let’s take it. Who knows? Tomorrow it could become a giant leap. We can face our unworthiness one step at a time and try to answer God’s Lenten question.

by Diego