Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of our Lenten discipline, but also coincides with Valentines’ Day, which is culturally a day of indulging our loved ones. Superficially, the two don’t seem to go together, however, digging deeper, maybe they do, for both are about expressing love. As Catholics, we concentrate during Lent on sacrifice and discipline, offering up whatever pain we feel to show our love and commitment to others and to God. We focus on the cross, not to feel sad and unworthy, but to touch the profound agape love that we seldom experience in human relationships.  It is important, as adults, that we think beyond the petty disciplines of giving up sweets or some other favorite indulgence. This year, as a community, we are challenging each other to “Make Room” to love the way Jesus does; to do some serious spiritual reckoning that might just change our lives for good. Follow our parish writers as we reflect these next forty-plus days on how we can “Make Room” for God’s love in a myriad of ways during Lent 2018.

by DC