…But you have the anointing that comes from the Holy One, and you all have knowledge… 1 John 2:20

What does it mean to be anointed?

Nothing is more soothing than oil rubbed lovingly into dry skin and aching muscles. We are all familiar with that kind of anointing. However, there is also a spiritual definition to be considered.  The appellation, “Christ,.” given to Jesus, is not his last name. It means “anointed one.” Biblically, to be anointed meant to be marked eternally, empowered by God for a special task or position. Jesus came to be known as “the Christ” based on his actions. As followers of the Christ, we, too, are anointed  no matter how small or how great the task. Whether or not we use oil to ritually symbolize this reality (as with the sacraments), remembering the prophetic nature of our lives remains essential.