I recently heard a famous doctor say that we need more sleep than we realize. Like a doomsday preacher, he admonished everyone to get a minimum of eight hours per night and proclaimed that we can never make up for lost sleep. This was tough for me to hear because I have never been much of a sleeper and I doubt anything is about to change. Ironically, today is the First Sunday of Advent when the gospel of Mark warns us to “stay awake.” Mark is obviously not talking about physical sleep. Rather, he warns us about spiritual attentiveness or vigilance. From my perspective, this is a much more difficult challenge in a culture that seems to foster sleepwalking through stunning sunsets, stimulating conversations and the restorative powers of prayer. Our “busyness” causes not only loss of sleep but also inner peace. To be counter-cultural, I plan to take the 21 Days of Peace Practices challenge with our parish during Advent this year. Maybe I will sleep better if I put down the lists and get out from behind the screens to breathe in the peace of Christ. Won’t you join me?

Here’s the link: http://stedward.com/advent-2017/

by DC