I spent last week with my brother who has suffered a stroke. It was painful to experience him reduced in abilities as a result. However, as Saint Teresa of Avila said, “Prayer is an act of love; words not needed. Even if sickness distracts from thoughts, all that is needed is the will of love.” And that is what I did, cooked for him, sat with him, drove him, spoke with patience and understanding. Even though he suffered, his spirit was not daunted. I felt peaceful adjusting my emotions when I had to explain something several times to him before he could grasp it. He too became peaceful and less anxious in the process. He was able to start his physical and occupational therapy and the prognosis is good. As I prayed unceasingly for his recovery, I simultaneously prayed in gratitude for his life. I was touched by the gentleness of people who interacted with him while we were out running errands. I remembered the words of St. Mother Teresa, “Joy is prayer, joy is strength: joy is love by which you can catch souls.”

by Gracie