I spent many hours of my childhood in the public library of my small hometown in Minnesota. Granted, there wasn’t much to do then but I don’t think it was boredom that drew me into a life-long love of learning. I just remember always wanting to know more about, well, everything. A small, often fearful little girl, I felt empowered by knowledge in a positive way. Besides looking up information, I loved reading novels and plays that transported me into a much bigger world, into understanding the human psyche and the vast spiritual realm. Today, I am delighted by the Internet’s infinite educational opportunities. Now I have a library at my fingertips. In an instant, I can read any passage in the bible, do the Liturgy of the Hours, look up St. Teresa of Avila, an obscure poem, or anything about world religions I do not understand. To me, this is miraculous, a gift from the Holy One, who knows our needs and pours out abundance beyond our wildest dreams.

by DC