Today officially starts my two week summer vacation.  On Thursday, I will travel to Minnesota, land of my childhood, to visit family. While it doesn’t sound as exciting as going to unknown destinations like I did last summer, it is nonetheless a sacred pilgrimage for me. Midwestern roots run deep inside my soul and have grown into the immense vines of faith stretching over so many years of spiritual growth. My sister, brother, and I will drive by our childhood homes, the lake cabins where we spent our summers, the Catholic church, elementary and high schools that we all attended. We will visit the cemetery graves of our parents and many relatives dating back to the early 1800’s.  The reminiscing will be full of laughter, lingering questions, and wonder, the stuff of all trips to ancestral lands. I will be recording, as I always do, the abundant messages the Holy One has for me, embedded in the beauty of every field of corn, smell of black earth, thunderstorm, and dazzling sun on teal water. Surprises await and I am ready.

by DC