There’s a doctor of science who finds peace by a running stream away from the rigors of the laboratory.  There’s a teacher who meditates to the sound of Chopin away from the struggles of students.  There’s a laborer working at the Red Cross on his day off. These folks have found a sanctuary in which their spirits can grow,  a sanctuary not found in the day-to-day growth they toil at in order to survive.  Every day there is an open invitation to celebrate mass. There is a promise that you will enter a sanctuary and encounter three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It’s a mystical manifestation and we’re all invited. No matter how we seek refuge from the world, we must find a sanctuary. We must find a place to liberate our soul. Where do we go to free our spirit? If we search in vain for our sanctuary then we should change the path we’re on. It’s closer than we can imagine. Our sanctuary is not in the search; it’s in the Savior.

by Diego