I remember sitting on the rug by my mother’s Baldwin baby grand. She practiced Beethoven and Chopin while I pounded on our toy piano.  It played more or less in tune. Although I could not duplicate her music, she made a joyful noise and so did I. On one of the best days of my life, my kindergarten teacher walked our entire class down the sidewalk to our house, several blocks from school, to hear my mom play her piano. Then Mom gave us fresh baked oatmeal cookies and presented the class with a  squirming, mewing box of six week old kittens. Many a joyful noise ensued. One might wonder why the notes in a hymn fit together so perfectly, why the harmonies meld together like they where meant to be. Every fixed pitch generates harmonic overtones, one on top of the other,  into infinity, a gift from the Ancient One.  Music fits together like Lego blocks because of the Great Musician.  Sing out. Make a joyful noise. Even if your kids roll their eyes.

by Nathaniel