For the holiday weekend, my husband and I packed up the car and took our boys to Mammoth to enjoy God’s grandeur in nature. This was an extra special trip because it was our first visit to the new family home my father-in-law purchased this past year. He spent years researching the perfect place for our family to retreat together. The mountains called to him, as Mammoth offered a serene platform for us to reconnect with each other, make wonderful memories and rejuvenate our spirits. His joy was contagious this weekend as we spent quality time laughing with each other and marveling at the landscape. He is someone who continues to inspire me to be present in each moment, appreciate every gift from God and remember what is truly important in this life. I am grateful not just for this new space he has provided for us to come together as a family, but for the heart he has to desire that togetherness.

by CMM