Whenever I visit a pottery shop, I am amazed at the beauty and uniqueness of each piece of pottery, each made with love and care by its creator. Each of the vessels will have a different purpose in life. Some will hold liquid, some will hold soil for flowers or plants. It is no different for us as “earthen vessels.” We, too, were created in love for some specific purpose. Sometimes some situation or someone in our lives cracks our vessel.  But God uses these cracked vessels, bringing healing and light through those cracks. In the words of my friend Connie, a song writer, “Oh Lord I ‘m just a vessel, just a simple ball of clay, not porcelain, not china, not adorned in any way. But Lord if you could use me, this is what I want to bring, a clean and empty jar to house the treasure of my King.” Allow God to fill you this day with endless treasures.

by Cathy